A funeral is the first step in the healing process and the act of attending a funeral benefits the family and the community.

It helps the bereaved to understand the reality of death while providing family members and friends with a caring and supportive environment. It allows them a safe haven to express and share their grief, whilst saying goodbye to their loved ones.

We are here to arrange and carry out the funeral, to ease the bereavement process. We will listen, advise and act on your behalf. Through discussion with the family, we offer guidance whilst helping to arrange and create a fitting tribute to the life of your loved one. On the day of the funeral, we will ensure that everything is carried out in an efficient and dignified manner.

Nowadays people have different funeral requirements, we always try to fulfil every families wish.

Traditional funerals used to be from the deceased home/church to the graveyard/cemetery, but now an increasing number of families use our funeral homes. This may be used for the service or it can be where the deceased rests until they are taken to the church.

Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a coffin is a personal choice and we are here to assist you in making the right choice. We have a selection of coffins & caskets you can choose from.

We work with Perfect Choice Funeral Plans for those that wish to arrange or pay for a funeral in advance.

Funerals are conducted from our two rest rooms, either in Dromore or Castlederg. We work in partnership with Mr Johnathan Harron and Mr Alan Harron in the Castlederg area, after the passing of their father Mr R.R Harron in 2012, a well known and respected funeral director in Castlederg for several decades.